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Heavily inspired by early rave and Detroit Electro, his first release on Breakin’ records in 2003 was described as a pioneering UK take on the Detroit Techno Bass sound. Since then, Blackford has released tracks on labels such as WIDE, Deadlock Records and DJ Godfather’s Twilight 76. In 2007 Blackford set up Bass Gun Records with Smashback as an output for their own material as well as putting out fast bass-driven Electro from other artists. With support from DJ’s such as Dave Clarke, DJ Stingray, DJ Godfather, EDMX, Keith Tenniswood, and many more, Paul Blackford continues to release new material and remix for other artists.


After 4 weeks and several DJ sets throughout the South of the UK, DVNT is back on the hosting duties and a wealth of fresh music to wet your ears with. Including Arrestar, Fall & Regis, Rie, Jay Pace, Concrete DJz, Espion, Amon Tobin and some awesome italo disco electro from Antoni Maiovvi.

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  • Intro
    Antoni Maiovvi - Tokyo Ultra Funk [Seed]
    Kemper Norton - Cowfolding []
    Falls & Regis - C. U. Next Time [Myuzyk]
    Amon Tobin - Overwhelming Forces []
    U.M.M. - Terrorista (feat. AMK) [Enough Records]
    Rie - Pizzicato Art [Overmind]
    DJ Pace - Echo Off [mONOmENTAL] forthcoming
    Krlox - Retemberings (Jay Pace remix) [808m]
    Sys-Ex - Coded Movement (Apaul Dark Bitter Dub) [r3tox] forthcoming
    Arrestar - Prayer (Grovskopa Remix) [Ante-Rasa]
    Espion - Witches [Bass4Bots]
    Furioso presents - Silent Hill [Furioso]
    Noiz and Excision - Do It Now [Rottun Recordings]
    Nine Inch Nails vs Myagi - PopAndLock-Head [dubplate]
    Concrete DJz - Re-Mental [Armatura Records]
    synchronoise - Little Shit [dubplate]


  • Paul Blackford - Waveforms [TBC]
    Paul Blackford - Frequency [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Spywire [Twilight 76]
    Paul Blackford - G-Force [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - We Have The Technology [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Revenge Of The Bionic Bassline [WIDE]
    Paul Blackford - Brain Dead FM [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Spaced Invaders [Twilight 76]
    Paul Blackford - Scanners [Deadlock Records]
    Paul Blackford - Organised Crime [WIDE]
    Paul Blackford - Crime Wave [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Code Red [TBC]
    Paul Blackford - Bass Connection [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - The Virus [Twilight 76]
    Paul Blackford - Heathrow Express [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - MCP2 [Deadlock Records]
    Paul Blackford - Back 2 Basics [WIDE]
    Paul Blackford - Raw Deal [WIDE]
    Paul Blackford - Vitamin [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Kaos Theory [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - 1991 [Breakiní Records]
    Paul Blackford - Half Life [Deadlock Records]
    Paul Blackford - Core Breach [Deadlock Records]
    Paul Blackford - Carbon Units [Seed Records]
    Paul Blackford - Worm Holes [Seed Records]
    Paul Blackford - 3 Mile Island [Deadlock Records]
    Paul Blackford - Brain Storm [Bass Gun Records]
    Paul Blackford - Electrocutioner [Bass Gun Records]


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