Graphic Design, Layout, Print Design, Typography
Client. Darkfloor Sound, Ezuri
Deliverable. Print. Record Sleeve.
Project. Onmia
Year. 2019-2020

Record sleeve design and layout for music label Darkfloor Sound and Berlin based techno producer Ezuri and their EP Omnia, with original art by Rosmaire Weinlich.

Ezuri had the front cover piece in mind from when he submitted the EP to the label Darkfloor Sound. The piece, by artist Rosmarie Weinlich set the tone of the design, and I based the colour palette around tones that would enhance and flow with her oil painting.

The evolution of the design was pretty organic. Reflecting the detail of the music, I wanted to achieve something textured, stylised, but without being too rigid or minimal.

In keeping with the label's artwork ethos to date, the design presents rich, colourful work. Defying conventions of the scene and sound, such as the oft used trope of grayscale, monotone graphics, typical of techno music.