Acre, Aged 10

Colour Correction, Graphic Design, Layout, Photo Retouching, Typography
Client. Acre Recordings
Deliverable. Digital cover artwork
Project. Acre, Aged 10
Year. 2020

Digital artwork for the Scottish music label Acre Recordings - celebrating their 10th year of publishing with a retrospective compilation entitled Acre, Aged 10.

With the label's compilation Acre, Aged 10 my thinking was that this artwork should reflect that the label has matured. Has gotten better with age.

This led to developing a concept around the adapting of vintage bottle label design. It works on a two levels as those very bottles of champagne, wine, and whiskey are often used in the celebration and marking of anniversaries and important miletones. And the good stuff, the good stuff is at least a decade old.

Rather than using the stylised black image of the early design, I wanted to develop the idea further. I did this by utlising bright colours. The colour represents the vibrant and diverse range of sounds and styles the label has released over the past 10 years. Something Acre Recordings showcases to full effect on their 20 track collection.

The entire comp is available to listen on their Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want release.